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Over one-third of adults in the United States aren’t getting sufficient sleep to meet their bodies’ needs on a regular basis. If a sleep disorder is the cause of your chronic sleep deprivation, Shashikant Daya, MD, and his experienced team have solutions at Airport Primary Care in Atlanta, Georgia. They conduct home sleep studies and offer advanced sleep disorder treatments for sleep apnea and excessive daytime sleepiness to restore your quality of life. Schedule an appointment with Airport Primary Care over the phone or online today.

Sleep Disorders Q & A

What are sleep disorders?

Sleep disorders are medical conditions that hinder your ability to have a good night’s sleep, even when you get the recommended seven or more hours of rest each night. Examples of common sleep disorders include:


Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder associated with extreme daytime sleepiness and falling asleep suddenly during daytime hours.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition in which you experience breathing abnormalities while you sleep. You might stop breathing for short periods during sleep or snore regularly.


Insomnia is a sleep disorder that makes it difficult for you to fall or stay asleep.

Restless leg syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is a sleep movement disorder in which you experience uncomfortable urges to move your legs while trying to fall asleep.

Sleep deprivation caused by a sleep disorder can lead to extreme fatigue, weight gain, mental fogginess, and even falling asleep at work or while driving. Sleep disorder treatments help restore your quality of life.

How are sleep disorders diagnosed?

Dr. Daya and his team review your medical history and symptoms and use in-home sleep tests to find the cause of sleeping problems and diagnose your condition. He offers an at-home sleep test device that evaluates your breathing and other sleeping patterns to establish a treatment that best suits your needs.

What is the treatment for sleep disorders?

Based on the type and severity of your sleep disorder, Dr. Daya and his team might suggest one or more of the following:

Lifestyle changes

Making simple lifestyle changes can help you sleep better at night. Examples include stress-reduction techniques, weight loss if you’re overweight, not smoking, not drinking alcohol or caffeine before bed, and getting regular exercise. Avoid working out late at night.

Medications and supplements

Sleeping medications or dietary supplements, such as melatonin, can help you get a good night’s sleep even when you have a sleep disorder.

Allergy treatments

If stuffiness associated with allergies negatively affects your sleep quality, Dr. Daya might recommend over-the-counter or prescription allergy medications to help you breathe easier.

Breathing devices

Continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) machines and other breathing devices help improve sleep breathing patterns so you can get a better night’s sleep when you have sleep apnea.

Don’t let poor sleep ruin your quality of life when simple sleep disorder treatments are available at Airport Primary Care. Schedule an appointment over the phone or online to learn more about your options.